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The Task

The Task
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You are a newspaper reporter who has to gather information about Tangerine County for an upcoming full page article. 
You have been assigned a partner to help with your research.  Good Luck  

Both Students -You will need to work together to gather information on the following:

  1. The weather and the climate in Northwest Orlando, Florida
  2. Background on Florida's citrus industry
  3. The Scientific name of a Tangerine
  4. Necessary Growing Conditions
  5. The changes in the Tangerine Industry in the past 20 years.
  6. Relavant pictures
Partner #1 - You will need to gather the following information:
  1. A definition and explanation of Lightning in Florida
  2. Any important facts about Lightning in Florida
  3. Examples of instances of lightning can occur in Florida
  4. Relavant Pictures

Partner #2 -You will need to gather the following information:

  1. A definition and explaniation of a sinkholes
  2. Any important fact about sinkholes
  3. Examples of incidents in Florida where sinkholes have been found
  4. A definition and explaniation of a muckfires
  5. Any important fact about muckfires
  6. Examples of incidents in Florida where muckfires have been found
  7. Relavant pictures


With the information you will do 2 things with it:

1.  Each student will type their own newspaper article that appeals to people who are planning to move to Tangerine County.  Be sure to include all of the research you have done individually.  Also, try to include at least 2 things from your combined research to enhance your article.  The length must be between 500-700 words.


2.  Together both of you will do one of two things together:

a) Create a colage on posterboard with facts and pictures of your all the research combined


b) Create a power point presentation using the facts and pictures of all the research combined

This book also deals with Bullying