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The Task
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Welcome to our Tangerine Webquest!

We will begin reading Tangerine, by Edward Bloor this week.  Before we begin the novel I want you to do some research and background information on different circumstances that are addressed in the book.  This way when we read the book, we can use this prior knowledge to help visualize what is happening in the book. 

As the story begins, you will meet seventh-grader Paul Fisher and his family, who relocate from Texas to the fictional subdivision of Lake Windsor Downs, in Tangerine County. You will learn about the Erik Fisher Football Dream. You will learn about tangerines and their importance to the Florida economy. You will also learn the secret of the Fisher family.

To help you understand this setting and the situation that unfolds in this book, you will be investigating the background of the novel: from existing and former tangerine orchards to the climate that causes never ending muck fires and lightning strikes!